Juice mixtures

Hot Christmas drink that children like very much

proportion 1:1. Add BIO2YOU juice to sweet plum compote and heat up everything. You get a healthy Christmas drink that is my children's favourite!

BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice supplemented with birch juice

proportion 1:1. Birch juice is necessary for anaemia patients, in cases of tuberculosis, cold and skin diseases, as urine impellent remedy, by nephroliths, atherosclerosis, polyarthritis, podagra, in cases of rheumatics, it helps to heal wounds. Mixtures of sea buckthorn and birch juices synergically intensify each other's qualities. You can drink such a juice mixture 1 glass 3 times a day.

BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice supplemented with carrot and rowan-tree juices

proportions 1:1:1, add 35% sugar syrup by taste. Is used as preventive measure against atherosclerosis, hypertension, anaemia, asthenia, rheumatism, in cases of respiratory illnesses, as well as to decrease gastric acid level.

BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice supplemented with beet and carrot juices

proportions 1:1:1, add 65% sugar syrup by taste. It is used as a sedative, and in cases of kidney, liver, cholecyst diseases, in cases of obstipation, atherosclerosis, and disturbed metabolism.

BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice supplemented with black currant juice


BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice supplemented with carrot juice

proportions 1:1

Cold dishes and salads

Vitaminised sea buckthorn butter

500gr double cream, 200gr BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice, with the upper layer separated. The mixture is whipped to creamy consistence and kept in a fridge. The obtained butter is considerably refined with different fatty acids, carotenoids, tocopherol, etc. It has a pleasant golden colour.

Sandwich butter with sea buckthorn and carrots

100gr carrots, vitaminised sea buckthorn butter 125 gr (see above), salt by taste. Finely grind boiled carrots, mix with the butter, salt and mix once again. It has to be reminded that carrots refined with carotenoids and especially sea buckthorn convert into vitamin A and are useful for our body not only in connection with oil contained by the sea buckthorn.

Curds, cheese pasta with the sea buckthorn

Double cream 70gr, cheese100gr, 2 tablespoons curds, 2 tablespoons BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice. Double cream is mixed with chopped cheese, curds and juice. Mix orderly everything till you get a homogeneous paste. Pasta is put on a sandwich and it tastes good!

Apple-carrot mash with sea buckthorn

2 tablespoons BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice, 2 apples, 1 carrot. Finely grinded apples with carrots are heated up, then mixed with sea buckthorn juice and cooled.

Beet, curds and sea buckthorn salad

80 gr boiled beetroots, 50 gr curds, 2 tablespoons BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice, dill or parsley. Finely cut beetroots are mixed with curds and juice, sprinkled with dill or parsley.

Carrot - sea buckthorn salad

10 grinded fresh carrots, cream 0.5 glasses, 2 tablespoons BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice. All is mixed together and you get an extremely healthy salad.

Carrot, apple, nettle, sea buckthorn salad

2 grinded fresh carrots, 2 grinded fresh apples, chopped nettles 0.5 glasses, kefir 0.5 glasses, 2 tablespoons BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice. All is mixed and put for 20 minutes to draw. You get extremely healthy salad.


Cold sea buckthorn soup

4 beetroots, 3 carrots, 3 cucumbers, 30gr spring onions, 1 glass kefir, 1 litre water, dill by taste and 4 tablespoons BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice. Grind beetroots and carrots, add the sea buckthorn juice, water and salt by taste, heat up and keep with lid closed for 10 minutes. Then let it cool, add cucumber, spring onions, dill and kefir.

Vegetable soup with dandelion and sea buckthorn (4 portions)

3 beetroots, 3 carrots, 300 gr cabbage, 3 cucumbers, 0.5 glasses cream, 0.5 glasses BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice, 20 dandelion flowers, 1.2 litres water. Put grinded carrots, beetroots and cabbage in boiling water acidificated with lemon juice. Boil and let it cool. Add cucumber, cream, the sea buckthorn juice and dandelion flowers with the green particles separated.

Pumpkin sea buckthorn soup

200 gr pumpkin, 0.5 glasses BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice, 0.5 litres water. Pour boiling water over the pumpkin cut in pieces and boil for 10 minutes, let it cool to reach the room temperature, add juice.


BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice with whipped cream and yolk

Necessary 1 glass BIO2YOU juice, 4 spoons sugar, 2 yolks, 150gr whipped cream. Whip the yolk with sugar, add the sea buckthorn juice and let it cool. Then pour it into glasses and put over whipped cream.

Baked apple with the sea buckthorn and black currant

1 apple, 1 tablespoon BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice, 1 tablespoon with sugar milled black currant. Carefully cut out the medulla of the apple, fill in the juice and put over the milled back currant. Arrange apples in one row, put into a pot, add 0.5 glasses of water and stew with a closed lid for 7-10 minutes.

Sea buckthorn sauce

BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice can be used as an interesting sauce with different puddings, pancakes, etc. It gets thicker consistence if it is mixed with milk.


BIO2YOU sea buckthorn juice is mixed with milk in proportion 1:1.


1 litre sea buckthorn juice, 1 kg sugar, gelatine10-12 gr. Mix everything and boil for 30 minutes till you get 0.3 from the initial volume. Then let it cool and pour in shapes.

Alcoholic beverages

Sea buckthorn-black currant-apple strong drinks

Blend the black currant and sprinkle with sugar, pace in a glass dish and leave for 2 days so the juice separates. The obtained juice is mixed with fresh apple juice and the sea buckthorn juice. The obtained mixture is placed in a closed container and kept for 1 week, add sugar and spirit: to 1 litre juice add 70gr sugar and 300 gr spirit. Keep for 10 days, then take away the deposition and keep for 1 month. In the result you get a drink containing 14% sugar and 16% alcohol.

Sea buckthorn dessert wine

To get the wine it is necessary to separate the thick upper layer of the sea buckthorn juice, to dilute with water and to add sugar in several steps.