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Dermatologist and general practitioner Kristīne Azarjana
(clinics Premium Medical and Lazerplastikas klīnika)

The sea buckthorn is a gift given by nature with ancient and rich history. Its healing qualities were noticed in the ancient world. Now after several centuries in the era of chemistry and technologies, we find the way back to natural products because we can scientifically prove its unique qualities. Both internally and externally used sea buckthorn products facilitate the regeneration of skin and mucous membrane cells, so they are widely used in dermatology, for example, in treatment of eczema, rosacea, bedsore, burns, hair fall, inflammation of mucous membrane and ulcer therapy. The sea buckthorn helps to treat chronic pulmonary, liver, gastric-gut diseases, in case of atherosclerosis; it is suggested to oncologic patients. It is a strong antioxidant and a source of energy. It is hard to list all the healing qualities of the sea buckthorn but the fact that it consists of more than 190 bioactive substances proves that it is a special product.



Doctor-dietician Lolita Neimane

The sea buckthorn berries are particularly unique product of nature where a range of extremely valuable biological compounds are united - vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, natural antioxidants and outstanding fatty acids. So, for example, 100 grams of the berry juice contain 1.5 daily dose of vitamin C, but vitamin E is so much concentrated that it provides a dose for 3 days. Carotenoids in the sea buckthorn are 4 times more than in the generally well known natural source of antioxidants - carrots. These berries are grown in Latvian climatic conditions and that is why they particularly suit our nourishment. The sea buckthorn is the best fruit for strengthening human immunity and that is why they have so wide application. It is advised to use them both for prevention of tumours and inflammations.



Chairman of Seabuckthorn Association Andrejs Brūvelis

The sea buckthorn is a real golden berry. Those who grow and create the products gain satisfaction and prosperity, those who use them - health and beauty. I'm very glad that a new star - Bio2you - has appeared in this field in Latvia. Good luck!


Russian scientist Aleksander Eidelnant

In the researches "Sea Buckthorn in Medicine, Skin Care, and Nutrition" (1998) and "Sea Buckthorn and Health" (2006) suggests the application of the sea buckthorn: in treating the heart and blood-vessels, respiratory organs, ears, throat, nose, teeth, gums, eyes, stomach, gut, pancreas, liver, kidneys, sexual organs, joints, skin, endocrine glands illnesses and disorders.