Bio2You organic cosmetics for kids – a touch of love

Bio2You organic cosmetics for kids – a touch of love

Organic sea buckthorn cosmetics for babies and kids are a new line of products from Bio2You which underline our true and sincere concern for the people who matter most to us – our kids.

When we are 100% convinced that Bio2You cosmetics are that which is capable to multiplying our inner strength and beauty, and we have tested them on ourselves; the true moment has come to provide you with caring and effective for those we cherish most – for kids:


  • FOR INFANTS (from birth 5 years of age) – when are children are most vulnerable and natural;
  • FOR KIDS (aged from 3 to 14 years), when our offspring have a dual perception of the worlds – they are still childish in many respects, but at the same time they increasingly remind us that they are growing up.

Where can the bright energy of cosmetics be found?

Everything is still based on the belief which is always with us, Bio2You’s creators and driving forces, in Bio2You products we combine the healing energy of nature with the wisdom of science.

However, the new products offer something more, because they are specially dedicated to our kids who were alongside us during the process of creating these products offering their support and diligence; therefore, we are convinced that your kids will also feel this bright energy which infuses each product. Accordingly, we are not only learning how to look after ourselves naturally and effectively, but also to respect the world without harming animals and nature.

A true story about natural products

Cosmetics complexes are created so that they provide complex care for children’s skin and hair, caring for that which will be important to them throughout their lives, because beautiful and healthy skin and hair are a component of a comfortable life.

All products have high quality and natural ingredients in common, as well as a refined and painstaking development and production process. Of course, the main value of the products is sea buckthorn which is enriched with vitamins and healing substances, and whose orange berries contain almost all known vitamins, as well as the majority of important microelements. And each product has a characteristic ability to improve microcirculation, deeply moisturise children’s skin and protect them from the harmful impact of the sun. Our products do not contain alcohol, colorants and ingredients of animal origin.

Cosmetics infused with knowhow, experience and love

Cosmetics FOR INFANTS:

  • Organic sea buckthorn cream for the diaper zone – is comprised of more than 95% ingredients of natural plant origin, and ensures that your baby’s skin is protected from cracking and irritation.
  • Organic sea buckthorn winter or summer cream with UV protection – ideally moisturises and nourishes your baby’s sensitive skin, as well as offers effective protection against the sun, cold, cracking and irritation; moreover it contains a natural UV filter only.
  • Organic sea buckthorn shampoo and bath foam WITHOUT TEARS – contains carefully selected natural healing plants that moisturise and soften your baby’s hair and skin.
  • Organic sea buckthorn bio-oil – soothing and moisturising ecological and biological oil for your child’s skin care; it is also a wonderful means of treating seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp, because the ingredients include softening and nourishing oils of organic origin.

Cosmetics for JUNIORS:

  • Organic sea buckthorn hair conditioner or tonic is enriched with a phyto complex of natural organic origin, which moisturises, nourishes and wonderfully soothes and balances your child’s hair and scalp.
  • Organic sea buckthorn cream with natural UV protection ensures effective protection of a child’s skin against the sun, cold, skin cracking and irritation, ensuring that your child feels comfortable.
  • Organic sea buckthorn shampoo – active natural biological ingredients soothe, protect and moisturise your child’s scalp, and make your child’s skin soft and silky.
  • Organic sea buckthorn shower gel and bath foam – soothe, protect, nourish and moisturise skin, as well as giving your child a gentle and velvety feeling.

Cosmetics are not the most important thing on earth, but choosing them correctly allows us to live life to the full, and therefore with the help of Bio2You organic cosmetics for kids, we sincerely hope that as your kids grow and mature, they will be able to love themselves, their parents and the whole world.

You can buy Bio2You organic cosmetics for infants and organic cosmetics for juniors conveniently at our Internet store, as well as retail outlets within the following store chains: “Kolonna”, “Douglas” and “Stockmann”.