Accumulate energy

Accumulate energy

Summer is beautiful! Sun, sea, wind - what could be better than that! Unless ... you are properly taking care of your skin; it is protected from the harmful sun exposure, and it is soft and smooth ...

Although it is hard to believe that cold time of the year is approaching, it is time to prepare for it and gain strength for winter, because 9 months of Northern dark time is a real challenge for each of us.

In order to get ready and accumulate strengths, we recommend to undergo our seabuckthorn juice cure: drink 300ml/per day our Bio2you seabuckthrn juice for 3 consecutive days, and then continue with a dose of 150ml per day - and you will see that you will be full of energy and vitality!

Although it is summer, we need a sea buckthorn juice cure to gain energy and prepare for the rest of the year.

We wish you a beautiful and healthy summer!