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Bio2You combines the healing energy of nature with the wisdom of science. The world is full of wonders capable of making us falling in love with life and grasping it with all our heart. Living it and fulfilling dream after dream! We, the creators of Bio2You, are delighted that we have the opportunity to share one of them – sea buckthorn and its force of nature. We continuously improve our products learning from latest innovations.

Rita Stražinska

Organic cosmetics can be both effective and modern. Our main values and priority are high quality, transparency and ethics. Our products are produced from only the very best raw ingredients. We make no compromises in regard to quality!

Rita Strazinska
Soul of Bio2You

The force and wonder of nature

At first, I thought that the wonderful power of sea buckthorn came to my attention completely by way of chance, but now I understand that it was logical.

In front of my very eyes it healed very serious cosmetic defects and health problems, and it was a powerful stimulus to fully understand the secret of these berries. The discoveries were surprising – these energy colour berries are richly infused with rejuvenating and healing substances. It was no coincidence!

















Kristīne Azarjana, Dermatoloģe

Bio2You has a unique combination of natural substances and science aimed at providing high class therapy for the changes caused by skin stress. It posesses gentle texture and an unobtrusive scent - everything that satisfies contemporary thinking and requirements.

Kristīne Azarjana
Dermatologist, Bio2You consultant

Guna Gulbe

I am lucky to participate in the creation of new products and to try them in practice on my customers. Bio2You product formulas are very high quality and effective. Our clients are delighted!

Guna Gulbe
Cosmetologist, Bio2You consultant

Jānis Kronbergs

Sea buckthorn is a miraculous plant and I am delighted to take care of this super berry. We have obtained a biological agriculture certificate and grow sea buckthorn without using any chemical fertilisers; therefore, our juice is organically pure and healthy.

Jānis Kronbergs
Certified biological sea buckthorn grower, juice producer

Live Cosmetics

We would like you to preserve a gift of nature - cleanliness at cell level, and, therefore, we continuously improve Bio2You by new discoveries and products. We think of you all the time.


Own your own exceptional modern cosmetics store and benefit from our innovative brand

Bio2You offers natural, modern and effective cosmetics, dietary supplements and lifestyle products based on sea buckthorn - a unique plant that has been actively used for thousands of years in folk medicine throughout Asia and Northern Europe.

Bio2You product range includes high quality natural, innovative skin care, beauty, spa, makeup and lifestyle products, driving particular attention to its unique anti-aging products. Bio2You successfully fills the critical gap between consumer cosmetics and expensive famous cosmetic brands by offering high quality products at an affordable price. Bio2You produces proven, successful branded cosmetics currently represented in 15 countries.

The Bio2You R&D continually develops new and exciting product formulas in pursuit of the company’s core strategy to deliver exceptional beauty products that are as effective in their performance as they are kind to your skin and the environment.



Why choose Bio2You franchise? 

Bio2You is distinguished by the high quality and effectiveness of its products
Bio2You has already gained a rapidly growing loyal customer base across Europe 
Bio2You offers a low-cost store opening possibilities


International product and brand recognition and a unique and appealing retail concept 
Operation of a modern and up-to-date retail outlet
Established product supply chain and exceptional margins 
Access to an extensive range of promotional material
Expert product training, support and assistance
Tried and tested products and expert consultations

A successful Bio2You franchisee would need:

Enthusiasm, ambition, integrity and a strong work ethic
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
A commitment to and belief in Bio2You philosophy and quality standards
Personal day-to-day involvement in the management of the business
A willingness to develop and maintain customer base in your local area
Capacity for hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, along with capacity to properly fund and manage your store’s growth.

For more information contact:

Bio2You, Ganibu Dambis 24A, Riga, Latvia;
Tel +371 29250765,

Private Label

At Bio2You  we are your ultimate connection to better skin care products and innovation.

We are cutting edge cosmetic manufacturer that will help you to create your own beauty line. We don't follow fashion trends, we create them. Featuring innovations, we bring you to the cutting edge of beauty industry.

  • Product formulation: We believe that value of beauty products is created by innovation. We will help you through all stages to your final product.
  • Innovative packaging: We are ultimate connection for trendsetting fashionable product packaging.
  • Unique design: Whether you like bold and flashy or minimalistic design, we will create modern design that will speak by itself.

Consider us your own private label team - We understand needs vary, that is why we have broad experience in manufacturing and vast connections throughout cosmetic industry.

Our mission from day one has been to provide quality natural products backed by science to maintain improved skin condition.

A Commitment to Quality: Our staff makes a point of researching all our products, as well as keeps up with the latest findings and trends in the world of cosmetics and skin care. Only the most trusted ingredients make it to our lists and into your products.

Our products:

  • NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: We will advise you on active ingredients to help your products be effective and outstanding.
  • NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: The perfect mix of scents and perfume will help your products to be unforgettable.
  • NATURAL SOAPS AND SCRUBS: We can perform your wildest ideas into reality.

Contact us to start your own line.

Our facilities: